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You can Hire the Best Wedding Photographer, and this is how.

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You do not want to hire this guy!


Other than having a house built , you will most likely never have to hire so many various vendors(subcontractors).

From cake makers, the best part is the interview you eat cake. to the DJ and from the limousine rental companies, like Orlando limo, and chauffeurs to the finding a bridal shop, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the choice. But of all the individuals you will participate to make sure that you have the ideal day, the wedding photographer is probably the most challenging whilst at the exact same time being the only one which you are depending on to leave you a long lasting reminder of the day. But when you are seated in your rocking chair with your grandkids on you knee you will still have your wedding pictures to relive your special day.

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So having made a decision that selecting the very best wedding photographer is crucial where do you start?
The world’s greatest research tool is at your command, the internet and you are presently on the best wedding site.

The first step is to find the ideal style of photography your looking for. Photo journalism to classic traditional, style is the first place to being the search.

Once you have the style ask your friends , referrals from people you trust is one of the best ways to find quality professionals. Ask on Facebook, twitter.

Asking the vendor you have already booked is a great resource for finding a wedding photographer.

If you have struck out with friends then use the Internet.searching zip code and wedding photographer the results should provide you with a list of available wedding photographers. From here you can click onto the company website, does it look professional, easy to get around, contain the information you need, have lost of images? Is there a proper phone number (be wary of cell numbers only) or better still a toll free number. And above all is the wedding photographers address shown, after all you will be handing over a lot of money for this service and you want to know where they are if it does all go wrong.; Even when they have a huge demand (due the excellent work they do), Camarie Photography always have at least 6 or 7 professional photographers available and ready to do a great job on both ceremony and celebration.

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To many cameras not enough photographers


Once you have found a wedding photographer you should prepare a list of questions. Here are some questions you should consider asking:

Are you a full time specialist wedding photographer?
What are your rates, including any taxes and expenditures and what do we get for our investment? (Don’t say what your budget is before they tell you their prices)
What is the payment routine? Most will need a deposit to keep the date and full payment in advance of the occasion itself.
What payment methods can I use? If possible pay by credit card as this will offer you some form of defense.
What happens if you are ill on the morning of my wedding and you cannot attend? If they say that a “buddy” will attend, ask to see some work done by this “friend”.
How many wedding photographers will be attending? If you are being charged for two wedding photographers (often this will be the spouse), again ask to see work by the other wedding photographer.
What will happen if it rains on the day? Every wedding photographer should have a rain plan and be able to show you photographs from wedding where it rained.
How much will it cost to purchase additional photographs after the event?
Can we have a disc of photographs to print ourselves and/or use on social networking sites?
How will you deal with friends taking wedding photographs? Some photographers simply don’t allow this, so if it’s important to you, walk away.
Do you take formal group shot pictures? Again be cautious of wedding photographers who don’t do this, formal photographs are tricky to do well and are a sign of a real professional not only from a photography stand point but from how they handle organizing people.
How do you proof our wedding photographs? There are several methods this can be done, from providing you with individual prints, CD’s or small proofing albums.
How soon will our wedding photos be ready? A reasonable time would be about 2 weeks.
But overall the question you should be asking yourself is do I get along with this person enough to have them with me on what is one of the most special days of my life? If the answer is no, then politely tell them that you have other photographers to see and leave.


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