Wedding Reception Secrets

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What make a reception great.


The First dance 
This will set the stage for the rest of the night ,  some easy ways to make it great , practice , practice ,practice.  Pick a good song , there are a ton of lists out there listen to the lyrics . Hire a professional t show you the ropes. Don’t stop dancing , if something go arise start over or just keep dancing. My husband and I took lessons he was nervous the every time we dance then the wedding day and cool as a cucumber in Canada. And this is the most important lesson secret, its your day really is your day have fun smile this day is all for you.
Give Out Party Favors
 Why give a favor ? First its a token of appreciation for attending this day, and this is where you can have a lot of fun and be just as creative as you want to be . Favors are not about how much money you spent , giving is its own reward. You can find a favor in almost anything you do or want. Some think my favor is just going to be thrown away . With that in mind, what would your guests not throw away? A photo strip from a photo booth makes a great favor ( we do own a photo booth for rent  so a little biased  but that doesn’t mean we are wrong. )Food , candy can be monogrammed even m&ms.  One wedding had small catapults for the men and women a small box of chocolate. Its all about you , what would you like a s a favor.
Tell Your Guests About an End-of-the-Night Treat
  This is a stop gap , nothing worse then guests leaving early , I mean they ate the food ,drank a beer , seen a dance and leave. Its your day dammit stay , but give them a reason to stay. Why not have something at the end of the night treat . Lighting sparklers as you get in the car to go to the hotel , A redbull station cart comes rolling out. About a thousand candles lighting a path to your car and if they didn’t stay they would have missed it .  Some great midnight snacks espresso rice crispy treats. A Starbuck Batista making their favorite drinks , tall half-skinny half-1 percent extra hot split quad shot (two shots decaf, two shots regular) latte with whip. or just a coffe. Do something at the end of the night and tell your guests and they will stay till the end.
Change Into Something Comfortable
Okay so you tried on about 100 dresses and found the one, but can you dance in it like you stole it , have a second dress to dance in . I mean why just do one dress its your day and the second dress can be a bit discounted. Have some real fun and play dress up all day. Tell your bridesmaids too .
Lighting   ( and candles work nice)
Let me say that lighting can cost a lot and can cost almost nothing, its really what your looking for. Lighting can enhance the mood create an atmosphere that would be hard to do without it. Lighting can be candies lighting the path ,Your colors washed on a wall or the simple flicker of a candle can make the reception go from good to great. ” I want that at my wedding.” is what you will hear
 Its Your wedding Day 
What you can do to make your wedding reception great is in the details small subtle changes big enormous shifts in direction for your day .Its your day so cry if you want to . Remember to have as much fun as you can.  I hope thses tips will help and show you have the wedding of your dreams.
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