It Is Alway A Saturday Somewhere

Imagine it is your wedding day….

Everyone is helping behind the scenes to make your day perfect. Your dad calls the photo booth company to make sure we can fit in the right spot, while your getting your hair and make up applied.

Your mom called the cater the Friday before to make sure everything is perfect. Your cousin is setting up all the signs to the reception for you.

Days before the Photographer you hired is cleaning his camera, and is thinking about when he needs to leave to meet you and your family in time for pictures.

The days before your wedding everyone that you invited is buying you gifts off your registry, writing cards and sending their love. All this time you are enjoying the last days as an engaged woman in love with your soul mate.

Every Saturday I wake up and see a limo I think to myself, someone is getting married today! Will it be your wedding? When you work with brides you start to think like a bride.

I know you may have a lot going on the weeks leading up to your Wedding Day, but just breathe. It will all turn out and if one detail is not perfect you will laugh and brush it off your shoulder.

My wedding day, back on July 11, 2009 it was a sunny day, hoping for no rain. Well we got a wind storm as I am walking down the aisle. I had an outside wedding so my aisle was shaped in an L. As I begin the long walk my aisle flies in the air, great for pictures as everyone starts to hold it down with their foot and my dad and I just laugh. It was a silly and memorable moment of my day! See even if its the beginning of it all, it will be okay!

Smile, its your wedding day! Enjoy every moment.


white limo driving saturday wedding

Every Saturday I see a Limo I think of a wedding



Mercedes Denham A recovering registered nurse, She is a manager for the Pittsburgh Photo booth. We love weddings and parties of all kinds

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