Wedding Budget Tips: For The Conscious Bride

One of the first things you think about when planning a wedding is MONEY. How will I be able to pay for all these things I need and want? Will I ask my parents to help, use credit cards, or use my savings? There is so much to think about when it comes to weddings and money is one of them.

You can book anything without some cash of course. So in order to get what you want lets make a budget. I have been researching for you and found some helpful things!!


Budget Sheets and Calculator: There is so many different avenues to look at, it really depends on what you use in your personal life and what works for you. Do you like a sheet you can fill in all the values or do you like to use excel or a virtual calculator online that you can adjust and save as you go. This would be less papers to carry around. There are wedding budget apps on your phone these days as well!

The Wedding Cafe budget calculator:

The Real Simple Worksheet PDF style:

If you have no idea where to start and how much things will cost this estimator is really neat and goes by your region too:

Here is another budget sheet:

If you were thinking about taking a wedding loan out to pay for the wedding here is a GREAT resource for you as well:



wedding budget

How Much?


How to save money on your wedding:

  • Have your wedding in an “off-season”. It would be best to choose a January, February or March date. Most vendors aren’t busy around this time and may not charge you an arm and a leg.
  • Set the time for the wedding early- you can save on having a early dinner or even brunch. Especially if you are having a small gathering.
  • Use your family church: This can help you with cost too. Your family may be members and the fee may be waived. Also if you chose a local park, garden or historical building you will be surprised how low the cost may be!
  • Use your family members to help you out. Your uncle may have a classic car you can use and your mom may be able to put the program together on her computer which will cut cost!

“Wedding dress” vs. White Dress: You will be surprised how many dresses out there are white and look just as good as a “wedding dress.” This will help those brides that don’t have a large budget for their gown. Or you could always go to a large wedding dress discount

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store that has name brand dresses for 50%-70% off on the dress you may want!



white dress vs wedding dress

white dress vs wedding dress





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