Top 10 New Wedding Trends for 2012 – Wedding Planning

Top 10 New Wedding Trends for 2012 – Wedding Planning.

How to make your wedding trendy? Use these unique tips from the knot.

  • Long sleeves with Lace: When I got married three years ago, lace was definitely not in style. I do remember trying on lacy dresses with different neck lines. It just wasn’t for me. Now when I was getting married my mother reminded me of her dress that was just all lace! She got married almost 20 years ago! This style is coming back. When Kate Middleton got married she had a beautiful full body, lacy dress with of course lace on her sleeves. Most brides want to look at the dress first, and when you do this it sets the stage for the rest of the details. Lace then may become a detail on the linen, the invitations, in the flowers or even the cake! Floral arrangements are not an issue due to flower delivery in Deer Park TX.
  • White Lacy Wedding Dress

    Kate Middleton in her lacy wedding dress

  • Panoramic shots of your guests: Okay, so you decided that FrameByFrame would be photographer for your big day! Now, since this is a new trend this year they may not be on their website, but you can certainly ask. How about having a picture of all your guests in one shot? I wish I would of thought of that on my day! Instead of using filters and big lens on your wedding day, photographers are using a panoramic shot that can get every single person in one shot (imagine how great will be HD metal photo prints). This will be a great memory for you and would be an awesome picture to put on your wall in your new living quarters!
  • Black tie wedding: Another idea taken from the Royal Wedding(Bronx event planners) is that a black tie event is the way to go this year! Wow your guests with an elegant wedding that they will surely remember. Just mention the attire on the invitation when that time comes, wedding website or even save the date cards that are sent out!
  • What are your colors?: This question gets ask a lot! There are so may colors to pick from, what will you pick? I have seen a lot of purple and yellow this year myself being in the wedding industry. But what is really popular is the nudes—oyster gray and pale gold right now! Weddings this year is going back to the classics with these colors. Although, the number one color this year is Tangerine Tango!
Tangerine colored lace gloves

How about some tangerine lacy gloves to combine two hot trends this year.


Keep it trendy and keep it unique with these hot new trends of 2012!


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