Thank Yous: The Gift of Thanks.

After your shower you should be a pro at writing Thank You cards but here is a few tips for the new bride.

Old Etiquitte says that you have a month after the wedding to send out those cards. At least they give you a break after becoming the Mrs.

1. Enjoy your honeymoon. When you come back buy some thank you cards that you adore.
2. You can get Thank you cards that matched your wedding theme or color to make it even more special.
3. Keep all your gifts in one room and write down who bought them.
4. Use your wedding mailing list to send thank yous back.
5. Make the message special. Tell them how you love what they got and how you will use it in your new married life.
6. IF you developed any photos from the wedding, you could send them back a photo of the two of you together.
7. If you got cash or a gift card, it is always nice to say how you plan to use that money.
8. You can tell your guests that you had fun on your honeymoon.
9. If you like the old fashioned way you can get a wax seal envelope kit to make your cards very unique!
10. You can tie a bow or rope around the package to make it cute.
11. People will be waiting for your card and cherish every word you say.

Go have fun and send them out!

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