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Who: We Love Photobooths
Duo: Guy & Gordon
Where to Find Them:welovephotobooths.com
Why We Think They’re Cool: Uh, how could they not be??
Interview by: José

OK, we at The Foundry are a little obsessed with photo booths! The girls and me have a fair share of pics sprawled all over our desks and are always there to put smiles on our faces in the middle of a busy work day in the office. Hands down, one of our favorites is We Love Photobooths! Simply put – they just get it! Always great to work with, got killer backgrounds, but most importantly TONS of fun! I thought it was time to interview Gordon & Guy to see what’s going on with this latest craze and why it’s a must-have at your event…

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Foundry: So I guess the first obvious question would be, “How did you start We Love Photobooths?”
Gordon:  Way back in the last millennium (1999, really…) the boyfriend/girlfriend duo of Ben Fraser and Laura Miller started the wedding-photography company Weddings By Two. Life was good, photography was good, love was good! Good enough to get married themselves. In 2004, they set up an 8×10-inch Polaroid camera at their close friends’ wedding and cranked out about 100 8″x10″ Polaroids (for those who don’t know, that is a lot!). Little did they know that this would be the beginning of a new adventure into the world of photo booth happiness—and the creation of We Love Photobooths.

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F: Why do you think photo booths have come back in style?
G: While a lot has changed since the early days of photobooths — we believe that candid photographs and luscious prints never went out of style. Advances in digital imaging have made the photobooth experience not only portable, but also able capable of producing larger volumes of work.  But one thing hasn’t changed: guests will love receiving tangible mementos to recount an evening of celebration and fun.

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F:Tell me more about We Love PhotoBooth and its services. I know you guys provide books and stuff, right?
G: Yes! We include a lot in our $1400 rate. The book is a really nice 7×7 inch book that contains all the images from the event and when we say all, we mean all, the good bad and partially clad! We also include unlimited prints at the event, an online gallery where all the photos are free to download and a CD that contains all the hi-res photos.

F:  What’s the craziest pic you’ve seen come out of that machine?
G: Our lawyer advised us against answering this question 🙂

F:  Do you ever jump in yourself just for kicks?
G:  Of course! The photobooth is contagious — it’s tough for our technicians to not join in on the fun, from time to time!…

F: K, last question, if a nudist camp called you for hire, would you do it?
G: Let me think about this for a second… Yes!
GordonWLPB Guy
Guy & Gordon (above) We Love Photobooths Promo (below)

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