Pittsburgh Brides: Have A Smashing Bridal Shower!

If you are a Pittsburgh bride looking for tips on how to make your bridal shower awesome. You are in the right place.



  1. Colors– Everyone loves a colorful place. Pick your colors. Usually its the colors of your wedding that works perfectly. Put your colors into the linen, the invitation cards, your cake and even the favor you will be gifting to your guests. If your colors is pink for instance: give a pop of pink in your cupcake icing.
  1. Games– How about some games? Every new bride is different of course, but some love games! This helps your party guests to break the ice with the people at the table they are sitting with. It is saying thank you for coming as
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    well, because its always nice to give a special prize to the winner of each game. AND, your that bride that just despises games, then in place of it why not give everyone a note card of some sort to write lovely saying and advice to the new couple. And at the end of the day you can put them in a cute scrapbook and save that for a rainy day in your new marriage.

  1. Be different– why not have your fiance there too. Its the new trend these days. And you can have it at your new house and have a BBQ, have it at your favorite restaurant and invite other couples and make it a cocktail hour or fun! You could even have a girl weekend and go to a spa, get your hair done and nails done! Sounds fun huh?

Use this photo strip for your “Save the Date” cards for fun!

  1. Activities– How about hiring a local chef to teach your guests how to prepare quick and easy appetizers? OR how to make a low calorie dessert? You can even bring a skilled lady that is proficient in a craft for example knitting or crocheting and teach the group. Another thing you can add to your bridal shower is a photo booth. You could ask the company to do your save the dates then too!

Have your guests amazed by a professional chef at your party!

These are a few ideas that can make your bridal shower different and fun!



Mercedes Denham A recovering registered nurse, She is a manager for the Pittsburgh Photo booth. We love weddings and parties of all kinds

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