Corporate Parties

So you want a photobooth at the company picnic? Well thats awsome evryone will have so much fun you can put theses pictures in the newsletter. All the kids will love it, you will be the hero or heroine .

Super heroine

I am Super

With Company picnics or parties the number of guests can range form 100 to 5000 people. We would have two booths at an event with 3500+ people.  The costs are diffrent the number of people and the time we are there, there is no one size fits all for company packages .


What we will do is put a custom package together for you. You will have a reasonable price with unbelievable value. Your event will be so much fun.

Most company parties have 1000-3500 people with a cost range of 900-2500  depending how long you want us there and any extras you want . # of booths  ect…