I am a married women that works a full time job with a newborn. I love my job as a nurse, but the time away from my family weighs on my heart. I have the best husband in the world, he sees the best in me. In our many conversations, business is at the top usually because he is an entrepreneur . He lead me to this awesome business and its only the beginning. 

My husband has a entrepreneurial  heart and has been encouraging/suggesting to me to open my own business so that I can provide for our family and still spend time at home. I came up with this business which I love! I started from scratch and my husband is my marketing consultant! I cant wait to start being a big part in someones special day, their wedding, graduation, engagement party, birthday or corporate party! I am so excited. I think someone like myself that gets excited about someones life verses another photobooth company that is just there for the money makes the difference for sure. 

Wedding Planning In Pittsburgh PA

“The Pittsburgh Photobooth”- is made of an aluminum frame with white panels to make it look sleek and professional. We have top of the line lights to give you an awesome photo to show your friends! It can fit over 8 people and can even have video! Our photo booth is capable of giving you unlimited photos for your event, a CD and scrapbook to take with you once the night is done! The Pittsburgh Photo Booth makes memories for you and your family, you can have our scrapbook right beside your wedding album to make others laugh!

The Dances of A wedding
If I could get married again I would want to have a photo booth myself and actually regret it! I vaguely remember when i was doing my research for my wedding that i came across a photo booth rental company but i maybe that thought it was too late. ITS NEVER TOO LATE! You may call us weeks ahead even,we can make it work.  We travel to where ever you are in the Pittsburgh area and surrounding areas.

  I Love Pittsburgh I mean where else can you have a cookie table and I see the photo booths  becoming as common as the cookie table. I love America, where else can you make your own company from scratch?


Mercedes Denham A recovering registered nurse, She is a manager for the Pittsburgh Photo booth. We love weddings and parties of all kinds

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