Labor day wedding: pros and cons

So, your engaged and your all excited to pick the day and the dress! Those are the first biggest decisions you will make. Some think, let’s get married on the new year, Christmas, memorial day, Easter and labor day. Which holiday is the best one to pick?

Okay let’s think about pros and cons first. Having a wedding on Labor Day can be more expensive actually. I have consulted with my wedding vendor buddies, they all agree. Even though your wedding would be a weekday wedding it’s also a holiday.

Wedding vendors may charge you a Saturday price because it is technically a day off. It’s a good idea to have for your guests though because everyone is off and enjoying themselves and are usually available.

It maybe difficult to get all your vendors there for a weekday and a holiday. You want to make sure you plan ahead of time and as early ad you can. This is a popular weekend or day for weddings do vendors maybe busy already. This kind of wedding will be perfect for save the date cards.

Booking a hotel for your guests can be inexpensive if you pick one that doesn’t have a lot of business folk. A Monday wedding at that hotel will be full price because that’s a business man or woman’s first day of travel and the hotel needs every room booked.

Happy planning!


Mercedes Denham A recovering registered nurse, She is a manager for the Pittsburgh Photo booth. We love weddings and parties of all kinds

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