It’s like being in the movies!

We not only love what we do but love when we can really help others out. We do all sorts of events from weddings to graduation parties to fundraisers, but there is one special place that I know is going to help others. We contacted Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh which is a part of UPMC a few months back. We reached out to them regarding their events and would love to give our photo booth to them as a donation.

They said YES! We have an awesome opportunity on June 5th 2013 for their Prom. I feel like it is a part of a movie or something. These kids have had some tough roads to travel I am sure and to have a time that they can dress up and forget about all that is wonderful. We will be a part of their special day and capture all the memories with our camera and photo booth.

We enjoy every part of this process, but seeing someone smiling and happy really leaves a special place in your heart. Children that are less forunate because of a diagnosis that they have endured is a tough thing to go through, for the parents and the children. This is a special time that they can just be kids, dance, smile and have fun.

We are excited about this event on June 5th, 2013 at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. It will be the most memorable events I think I will ever be apart of. It reminds me of a movie I watched last year that I love, “My Sister’s Keeper”. ¬†If you have not seen it, please go watch it. Make sure you have Kleenex at hand.

Keep an eye out for more information on this event, we will be making another posting soon!


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Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh


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