Is the Bridal Dance Making a Comeback?

Is the Bridal Dollar Dance Making a Comeback? Being a bride is the best time in your single life. So good in fact that once you go bride, there’s no need to go back. NOT only did you find the perfect partner to spend the rest of your life with, but everyone you know will gather together to celebrate your partnership for a crazy Friday or Saturday in the middle of the summer. As a bonus, you are guaranteed to be the only one in that dress as well. Be aware however, that there is some give and take, so be prepared. There are some things you will be expected to do and say, but for the most part, it’s your day and you SHOULD do whatever you want.


So why do so many brides look back on their wedding and wonder what went wrong?? Here are 4 brief stories of brides who didn’t appreciate the day for what it was and lived to regret it.

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1. Drinking too much! :Sarah was a wonderful pre-wedding bride. Our pre-wedding meetings were very organized as she knew the styles of music she and her fiance’ preferred and the events were well choreographed for a successful wedding flow. I knew from the start that she was an attorney. (It was the attention to detail.) However, once she and her bridal party reached the country club reception the good times had already been a little too good to Sarah. Had she not been wearing white, I might not have recognized her. By the time the first dance was scheduled to occur, Sarah was in the restroom desperately trying to regain her composure before all eyes were once again on her. It wasn’t long before she had retreated to her room to sleep it off. Needless to say, while the guests fondly remember dancing the night away, Sarah has very little recollection of the ‘best day of her life.’

SOLUTION. Drink water and wait until after your first dance and/or dinner before indulging in the alcohol. You only get one wedding, do your best to remember it.


2. Hiring An Amateur Photographer:There are many vendors who will vie for your wedding dollars. There are so many in fact that perhaps a little patience in hiring some might be warranted. While many vendors will work to convince you that the supply of photographers is low while the demand is high, it is actually quite the opposite. Take Erikka for example. Erikka hired a photographer based on her blog/website. The price was good and of the 3 wedding images on the website, Erikka liked the photographic style. Unfortunately, if your wedding photographer were only responsible for collecting a couple of nice images from your day there would be no problem. However, your photographer is typically given far more control of your timeline than you anticipate. Erikka and her bridal party arrived to the reception roughly 35 minutes later than they had originally planned. Obviously assuming that being fashionably late to the reception is normal, there were no signs of frustration from the bride and groom. Based on a few conversations I had with the bride before introductions it was obvious that Erikka was most excited about finally sitting down for her wedding dinner. Yet, just before dinner the photographer asked Erikka and her new husband to accompany her outside for a ‘quick picture.’ One hour later the 3 returned, the dinner was cold and no time was allowed for the staff to reheat the dinner. Steps were taken to find the bride something hot to eat but by the time the schedule allowed for the first dance the photographers contracted time had run and those first dance photos were missed. Hiring an inexperienced vendor can ruin the day.

SOLUTION: Read my post on choosing wedding vendors or choosing your wedding photographer.

3. Trying to do too much and not leaving enough time to dance with friends and family. Emily is a pinterest nut. If its on pinterest and it’s a wedding idea, she wanted it to happen. While anything in moderation is recommended, trying to do everything in its entirety leaves very little time for the fun family-and-friends time you’ll remember the most. Too many clever concepts, ideas, and traditions lead to only about 45 minutes of actual free dance time at the end of the reception. There is something about just having a great party that is sometimes lost on today’s brides. Simplicity can be everything you’ll ever want and you’re not going to be pulled in every different direction.

SOLUTION. Rather than doing every crazy cool wedding concept you come across on Pinterest, integrate new ideas and concepts in a diversified manner. Skip the guest book and get the Pittsburgh Photobooth.


4. Give Guests the Wedding They Want So You Can Have the Time You Deserve :I’ll never forget my cousins Brittany’s wedding. It was in the middle of the country, near Nebraska. Now, my extended family loves to dance at weddings so we all paid heavy travel costs to be there together. We know it’s cheesy but we love to do the electric slide and YMCA, we love ‘We are Family’ and ‘Brick House.’ Its family tradition stuff. But Brittany wanted to be different. She took a hard line stance against ‘traditional wedding music’ with her DJ. As a DJ myself I never give a DJ a hardtime, we all have our job to do. But my aunts on the other hand, don’t handle rejection so well. Once the DJ said no to the 4th request for the ‘cupid shuffle’, it was now the bride who would take the brunt of their frustration. She spent half of her wedding explaining to her aunts why she didn’t want her wedding to ‘be like everyone else’s.’ She got his wish. Her wedding turned into a whinefest by my aunts.

SOLUTION. I see both sides of that conversation, so I didn’t get involved. But this could have easily been resolved by allowing a number, even a small number, of traditional wedding dances. But having a hardline stance against them made for a long night of talking to unhappy aunts. It’s your wedding day and you only get one.


You can take the advice of the 20 year Pittsburgh wedding professionals, like me, or you can do your own thing. It is 100% up to you and I wouldn’t want it any other way. KEVIN REDFORD is a 20 professional in the Pittsburgh Wedding Industry. Splitting time as a photographer and a DJ, Kevin has worked some of the finest weddings in Pittsburgh over the past two decades. His personal knowledge and experience provide incredible events for Pittsburgh brides every year. Kevin can be reached via his website


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