We love image spectrum!

The Pittsburgh photo booth is the new kid on the block .

New Kids on the Block , boy band

New Kids On the Block


When it came time to find a printer and a supplier of media its was not a straight line.  The choice’s before us are endless, truly thanks WWW.

When we first started the search we found super ridiculous prices form Japan only to realize that it was a bait and switch.   Some Germany company where the guys name was Jim , more like gimhagab  little lost in translation

We had the runaround form a number of compaines.

We found a printer at a resonable price but the customer service was just a mess ,

When we found imaging spectrum it was a breath of fresh air. Ever question answered and support in ways I did not expect. We had a printer we got some where else (first booth)  and Steve the rep for us said if you have a problem call us.

I mean its not even the printer they sold us , but we will help you fix it? Who does that?

They had some great in site into the business of  Photo Booth Rental. Always available for questions and setting everything up.

When we found

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