I’m in engaged now what?

The guy of your dreams just popped the question and you have this gorgeous ring on your finger. Congratulations your engaged . You now have a fiance.

My fiance

from single, to engaged, to bride!



Now what? All the possibilities, every wedding idea on pinterest, which looks amazing.

Engagement turns you into a wedding planner, here is your  101 class for planning this wonderful day.

I would start with “WHEN” what season and how soon do I want to get married? Most weddings take 6-12 months or more to plan. There are people out there that have done it in less time but that is not the average. Snow , spring  flowers,or the fall leaves , its your day do what you want.

Where do you want to get married? You can have it in your family’s church or a church you think is cute and quaint that you just love. You can get married on a beach, in the mountains, in a garden , in a covered bridge or even in your parents back yard. The possibilities are truly endless, take some time to find whats prefect for you.

Where and when will help select the kind of dress you want to look at. It’s up to you what you want to wear of course but you would not want to wear a cathedral dress to have a beach wedding or have a dress that goes to the knees and wearing flip flops in that church.

Check out this site: Who pays for what for you and your guests and even your bridal party. This wedding budget infographic  (Add Link)may help you get a handle on whats important.

Okay, where to buy the dress. This is really up to you. You have to have a budget to start but you can shop at David’s Bridal, a designers shop like Alfred Angelo ( one of my favorites) or you can go the route of a consignment shop. ( There are so many of them out there, some nicer than others.) Check out this consignment shop

The venue for the reception,  the big one! This can be a reflection of where you are having the wedding or go with a theme if you like. If your having an outdoor wedding you could keep the guests outside for the reception as well something close by or inside the hotel that you are near.

Picking the right vendors makes a big difference. Who should your wedding Dj be. What about a photo booth ? Bridal shows are fun and very informative, you can look a person in the eye shake their hand and get a feel for the style they have.

There are so many decisions you will be making in the next year, some will be easy and some will be more difficult. It’s a good decision to have a support person that will help you in the decision planning like your fiancé, mother, best friend or even a wedding planner.


Mercedes Denham A recovering registered nurse, She is a manager for the Pittsburgh Photo booth. We love weddings and parties of all kinds

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