I wish I had this at my wedding: a photo booth!

Most likely you are a new engaged bride reading this, but I have been married three years already! Wow, time flies! I wanted to write to you gals telling you how I loved my wedding, every bit. But to make it even more fun and special I would of had a photo booth. I see how people light up when they see one at someones wedding and they get all excited and it keeps the party going all night. It keeps your guests from being bored. They can go in the photo booth as many times as they want, they can be who ever they want in there too! With props you can change your outside appearance and make a different picture everytime! You can be a

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girl with a beard, a guy with a cigar and a pimp necklace, you can have a clown wig and fancy scarf and hold a chalk board sign to say something to the bride and groom. It can be so much fun. Hey, you dont even need to use props you can just use your imagination and a funny or scary face and still be yourself. Everyone does it differently but the pictures come out priceless. This would be a great add on to your wedding. Like I said, I wish I had one. I feel that I had everything I wanted at my wedding.

We both wanted our wedding to be an outside wedding, we looked everywhere for parks, gardens, bridges, anything you could think of. My ultimate thought was to get married on the Smithfield Bridge in Pittsburgh, but that would take cops and probably some cash to shut down the public bridge. We ended up having a quaint wedding ceremony at a park with a covered bridge which we stood under with all of our family and friends near by. We loved it, it was a windy, summery day. If I could go back in time I would go to that day!! Our reception took place at a near by golf course and it was perfect. I literally danced all night and enjoyed myself! All that work for a year paid off on the night of my dreams.

SO what would you want to have at your wedding that you know will make it spectacular? Think hard. Is it a photo booth? A videographer? Cupcakes? Cake Pops? Uplighting? For me it was a photo booth. Now I can see how fun it is for guests and it makes your day even more memorable! You will keep the pictures for years and look back on it and smile! Make your Pittsburgh wedding special by adding a touch of fun and watch your guests have fun into the night.

We offer four different packages. One is a simple package on a budget, an attendant and a booth for 3 hrs, the next one up is a little more with an attendant, a booth, a scrap book that we put together for you and props all for 4 hours. The other two are a little bit more because they have the option to go for 5 and 6 hours if you would like and add ons we have the option to design you a logo on the bottom of the photo strip and maybe a monogram.


Mercedes Denham A recovering registered nurse, She is a manager for the Pittsburgh Photo booth. We love weddings and parties of all kinds

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