How to: Pick your Bridesmaids.

I know this sounds so simple. But there are girls out there that may have a ton of friends/family and some girls that have barely any and that can make it hard to decide as well.

Think to yourself. Who will I be friends with through the “thick and thin”? Who has been by my side the longest? Who do you consider to be your best friend? Okay, all good questions right? The lady that came to mind the most should probably be your maid of honor. Now the other bridesmaids is the hard part.

  • Did you ever dream about your wedding? How many people did you want to be in your wedding party? Please consider your husband to be in this situation. He may have 10 guys that he wants to be by his side. It looks better if the parties are equal on each side, better for pictures. I personally had two  bridesmaids and two groomsman
  • Your maid of honor should be someone that can make decisions for you when you aren’t there and on your behalf. She should help you plan your wedding in some way. And usually plan your bachelorette party and bridal shower (if shes a good one). 
  • If you don’t have a lot of best friends then you can always choose your cousins, soon to be sister in law, church friends and neighbors. Anyone you would like to have with you on your special day.
  • Your bridesmaids will always be a part of your memories. Your pictures.
  • The fun part is when you get to decide what dresses to buy. Style. Color. Cut. Shoes. Purses. Hair. All things girl. This is your day, your year, your month and your hour. Have fun pick the best girls that will rock with you!


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How to: Pick your Bridesmaids.

Now that you picked them, how do you say thank you? A gift will suffice. At your reception dinner is the best time to do so, plus you get to show everyone what you got them. You can always do it at the bachelorette party before you have too many drinks.

Perfect gifts would be the jewelry you want them to wear at your wedding. You can do a personal handbag with their initials, a decorated martini or wine glass, or just a cute clutch.



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