How to have a perfect wedding day: 5 Tips you may not have thought of

Tips and Tricks to a Wedding Day that is perfect in your eyes…

Wedding Tips and Tricks. Have the perfect wedding.

Make Your Wedding Day Perfect Like This….

1. Delegate Your Team

As the Bride you should not be the one putting out chairs for the wedding reception, making the signs and putting them out the morning of your wedding or anything else for that matter. You planned this day to the hilt. You have your ideas, and they are great now delegate it to family who you trust and has the time or a wedding planner. Do not give these tasks to people in your bridal party, the day of the wedding is hectic enough for you and them to be really involved with these things. You want to have the perfect wedding.

2. Allow Traffic Time

When picking locations for your wedding just make a note that even though it usually takes only 10-15 mins to get there on a normal day allow more time for guests and yourself to arrive. When you are thinking of what time dinner should be at the reception try to give yourself 30 mins or more for guests to breathe, drive and get a cocktail first.

3. Shoe Backup

Have a second pair waiting for you at the reception, this goes for guys as well. Your feet will be barking by then! Where the cute shoes for pictures and change into your favorite slippers or flip flops! And this goes for the men in the bridal party too, those penguin shoes are rough on the toes, bring your favorite sneakers or slip ons. It will make for a more comfortable evening, believe me!

4. Makeup Time

The bride should be last to get the make up and hair done, unless there is a stylist just for her. She has more things to do that morning and has more style to go with it. The bridesmaids hair and make up shouldn’t take that long. This is your wedding and you will need to capture every moment. Your make up time will be longer with poses and pictures involved as well.

5. No purse

I would not bring your purse. Why do you need it? You could keep it in the car or limo but don’t carry it around with you it can clash with the outfit and be bulky. You won’t need all the stuff you usually do, and hey if you really need your lipstick or tylenol etc get your maid of honor to go get it or have it in her purse. You don’t want to be worrying about where you placed it and then forget it.

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Enjoy your day. Breathe. It will go fast. Take lots of pictures. Enjoy every second. Laugh and Cry, this is your special day!


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