How Satan can destroy your outdoor wedding


Weather is biggest decor for your outdoor wedding. It can go wrong or all right. Wind, rain, snow and of course everyone wants sunshine. You are the most beautiful bride and you want your day to go smoothly. Most brides do wonder and ponder about what will the weather be like that day, that day where they will say I DO and seal the deal.

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Wind can make for some amazing pictures. Go to Pinterest and type in “wedding wind” and you will find some unique stuff!



wind blows on brides

Wind blows ,

A wedding can still be beautiful on a windy day! I got married in the middle of July and it was a gorgeous outdoor wedding. We expected a sunny day like I think every bride does. We had two aisle runners. As I begin to walk down the aisle the runners fly up in the air. It definitely broke any tension in the air. We all laughed and many people were standing on the runner so I could walk on it. It was a sweet moment of my day. Wind can make the day a disaster or it can make for some awesome pictures like above. It is all in how you make it! Lets move on to rain shall we…


Rain is always looked at as a blessing of sorts, as snow but I will get to that one!

wedding rain, wedding dress, groom, umbrella

kissing your soul mate in the rain…

Could you imagine kissing your sweet groom in the rain on your wedding day? How romantic!!

Rain on your wedding day can symbolize many things like fertility. Rain makes things grow. Many cultures believe that rain is a blessing and will bring many children. Rain is also cleansing to the earth, after a rain everything is brighter and cleaner. Rain on your wedding day can also signify unity. The rationale behind this stems from the reference to marriage as “tying the knot.” It is no secret that a wet knot is much harder to pull apart than a dry one, as the water makes it harder to untie. Therefore if it rains when you are “tying the knot” it suggests unity, and the creation of a stronger bond that will not easily be broken. So if it rains, just smile and keep going.


Snow can be so beautiful on a wedding day. Many people claim that snow symbolizes fertility and prosperity as well. IT can make for treacherous driving but beautiful pictures!!

bride groom snow, wedding snow, wedding snowing



With all the weather you can have the day of your wedding, just think this is your day and whatever happens remember to capture a picture! It can make for many memories for your future together! Don’t let Satan ruin it for you two!


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