Hot Wedding Trend for 2013: Ombre Weddings!

I stumbled upon some unique wedding blogs and news articles this weekend. I have found one hot trend that is very popular for weddings in the year 2013. Wanna hear it? Is the suspense killing you? Okay, here is a picture to describe that awesomeness of this trend called Ombre. It is a french word that means “Shade.”

rainbow ombre weddings

ombre bridesmaids

purple ombre flowers for weddings

The white flowers for the bride and the purple shades get darker with each bridesmaid.

You can add this color technique into your cake, your dress, your shoes, your flowers and your cookie table. Put it everywhere. I almost wish i did this at my wedding. How awesome are these pictures. You can make your wedding awesome just by adding a splash of color!

ombre wedding cake

ombre wedding cake

ombre cookie and dessert table

Ombre Dessert Table

ombre pink and white wedding dress

ombre wedding dress

Have fun girls! Have some on your BIG DAY! People will remember how simple, yet romantic your wedding is.


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