Flowers, Flowers, Flowers: Tips for your wedding in 2013!

So you have a wedding coming up this summer. You are racking your brain trying to figure out what kind of flowers to pick and make your decor beautiful.

1. What Color? Color is important. You normally go with the colors you chose for that day. You can pick one of the colors you picked to match your linens, the bridesmaids dress, the favors or even the cake. Some brides decide to go simple and romantic when it comes to flowers. You can chose white which is a very sweet choice. Your options are endless. You can do Vendela Roses, Lily of Valley, orchids, lilies  peonies, sweet peas and baby’s breath is always a nice touch to any bouquet. Check out this Pinterest Page for some awesome arrangements for your wedding!

2. Silk vs. Fresh…. Silk can save you several hundred dollars in cash and you can save the flowers without having to “dry” them. It is cheaper all around. People think that it looks cheap but they are making silk flowers very close to the real thing. If you have a large reception you could choose to have some silk and some fresh as well. It all depends on what flowers you get fresh and how much that determines the price. Fresh flowers always smell so good, also keep in mind for a summer wedding you will need a refrigerator at your location before you put them out so they don’t wilt. When you mention “wedding” at a floral shop the price goes up! A lot of options but sometimes the guests won’t even know that you have silk.

3. Preserving your flowers: You can do so many things to preserve your wedding flowers. One idea is to call a local floral preservationist that could cost 600-700 dollars. They can preserve the whole bouquet as is or you can DIY and preserve a flower at a time and frame it and display it in your home. What a great idea! I found this awesome blog on how to DIY: Here ya go.  (brought to you by

4. Trend or no Trend? There are so many options when it comes to wedding flowers. You can chose from different colors, styles and bouquet trends. You can go by the latest “trend” in the wedding industry or you can make you own trend. Pinterest is a great site to look at what others are doing with their weddings.


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