I have one eyebrow and I’m getting married…

Imagine, its the best day of your life and you go to your favorite hair salon with your best friends all ready for your big day. You have wonderful ideas for your beautiful blonde hair and the hair stylist got distracted by a Justin Beiber song on the radio. ♫♫ Baby Baby♪ Baby OOO ♫♫ . She begins to sing and dance like a teenager, almost forgetting where she is! It is almost like she was in a fog or something, she then realizes that you have been waiting to get your eyebrows done. She puts the hot wax on your face, waits a min and sings “ ♫♫Girlfriend, girlfriend, you could be my girlfriend… ♫♫.” She then puts the strip on your face and pulls ALL the hair off your eyebrow! Your life flashes before your eyes! You dont know at time but the best day of your life just got worse! This is horrible. You have your wedding dress, the shoes, your hair is done, nails done, ring is sparkling, everything else is done. BUT you have to face everyone at the wedding with ONE EYEBROW! You storm out not paying the stylist and went home and cried. Your maid of honor just laughed in your face, making the matter even worse. You quickly regret your decision with her too!

eyebrow missing on wedding day

As your laying on your bed, with hair all did up and makeup messed up, you sit up and remember something. “Wait a minute, I have The Pittsburgh Photobooth coming to my reception and I need to fix this to look good!” You storm to Wal-mart and get some eyebrow corrector and the problem is solved. Now you look beautiful for your pictures.



Mercedes Denham A recovering registered nurse, She is a manager for the Pittsburgh Photo booth. We love weddings and parties of all kinds

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