The Photo Printer we use in our Photo Booth: DNP DSRX1

We researched what was the best printer for our event photography needs . With so many options and difrent setups we settled on the DSRX1 . We purchased this printer from imaging spectrum , great customer service and very knowledgeable staff .


DS-RX1 Digital Photo Printer


The DSRX1 is the best printer for our event printing needs. The Pittsburgh photo booth needed a printer that had a low cost of ownership with fast printing and high quality.  After using the DSRX1 at about 5 events I would say that its my got to printer. Never jammed loading paper is fast and easy.

The good: The DSRX1 prints professional-quality photos quickly with versatile connectivity options and robust features like 2×6 auto layout, cloud printing, and a easy media loading.

The bad: The printer is little taller than I would like . I would like the ability to print a single 2×6 when we do web uploads, or there is only need for a single 2×6 reprint.  The Media has made in japan printed on the back of the  photos.

The bottom line: If you can find a printer with a lower cost of owner ship , buy it .The DSRX1 serves up top-shelf output quality at rapid print speeds, suitable for Photo booth, home users, event printing, and photo enthusiasts hunting for more .   4 out of 5 stars


Like I had mentioned before we purchased this printer from imaging spectrum , They did a great job of helping  put together a package that worked.  I will say one more  thing about them , We had another printer we purchased from another vendor and they said they would do tech support at no cost.


If your looking for a printer that’s easy to use  fast print speed and easy media loading , I recommend the DSRX1.



When The Pittsburgh Photo Booth was looking for a new printer we contacted numerous event printing supplyers. As we began narrowing our source for paper and a printer vendor imagming spectrum stood out. We cll after we had purch

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