Curvy Girls Look Good

Accentuate the positive . . . Eliminate the negative. Change the perspective of your shot. of your thinking.

Shooting Women with Curves: It’s all about perspective.

We do not say Plus Size. You can say ‘Non Model’ or Curvy or hey . . . . . Normal even.

But lets keep it real.

When I shoot lean bodies I give them curves in all the right place e.g lean bodies always want a waist, boobs and junk in the trunk. Curvy girls want their curves in all the right places. Great boobs, small waist and hip ratio. SO it’s the same goal for everybody.

Accentuate the HOURGLASS of a women’s body regardless of the size. I’ve said it gazillion times, Women want to look gorgeous feel good about themselves and they buy.

I have photographed over 5000 women and have never had one ask me to make her ‘wider’.

I call this

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Faux Waist.

It’s when you change the point of perspective from the outer waist to a more pinched waist curve, simply by bringing the hands in. You can use a wrap or a veil or a top to cover arms and bring the eye straight in. If you can’t cover arms that’s ok, you may have to do a little post production. You can slim on Photoshop warp is far superior to liquify.

But this move involves NO PHOTOSHOP it’s a simple distraction tactic. You bring the hands in and take the perspective to the centre. No PS has been done to this image, the waist is still there if you look hard enough but the eye tells you its smaller. Great tip, takes a bit of practice. PS the hands do not have to be on the waist all the time to achieve this. Please don’t shoot all of your brides and curvy girls like this. I’ve seen entire weddings with Brides walking around with there hands stuck to their waist. Try one hand up and one wrapped around the waist. Pulled back to hourglass. I will post other examples soon. .






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