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5 things you should do on your wedding day, besides get married!

Brides to be I have some really cool things you can do ON your Wedding Day to make it even more special and unique. All of these, I wish I would of done honestly! I didn’t use pinterest for my

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Resources to Pittsburgh Brides

When your looking for a professional for your wedding, don’t you want the best? Of course you do! I have just the perfect place! We like using: Check out these sites to find some awesome vendors!  

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Cavanaugh Bridal Show 2014

Hello Friends! We were just at the Cavanaugh Bridal Show with our photo booth! We had a blast with all the future brides, bridesmaids and mother of the brides! A special two day show that allowed brides and their families

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Back to the basics!

Sorry I have been gone for a few weeks. I have been behind in my blog writings lately. A lot going on the past few months. I wanted to get back in the swing of things with a new version

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Sexy and I know it.

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A Photo Booth for your Wedding: Gift to Your Guests!

A Photo Booth can be a lot of different things to a lot of different people. If this is for your wedding you have come to the right place! In this blog article I will describe why to have one

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How to have a perfect wedding day: 5 Tips you may not have thought of

Tips and Tricks to a Wedding Day that is perfect in your eyes… 1. Delegate Your Team As the Bride you should not be the one putting out chairs for the wedding reception, making the signs and putting them out

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You can Hire the Best Wedding Photographer, and this is how.

  You do not want to hire this guy!   Other than having a house built , you will most likely never have to hire so many various vendors(subcontractors). From cake makers, the best part is the interview you eat

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Grooms are getting involved

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The Photo Printer we use in our Photo Booth: DNP DSRX1

We researched what was the best printer for our event photography needs . With so many options and difrent setups we settled on the DSRX1 . We purchased this printer from imaging spectrum , great customer service and very knowledgeable staff .   The DSRX1 is the best printer

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