How To Be The Best Budget Bride You Can Be!

Budget brides


Setting a budget for your wedding is one of the biggest things to do. You need a plan before you can start. Ask yourself, who is paying for the wedding? Is it you, your mother, your father, a neighbor or your church? Or is a mixed decision? After you figure that out you want to figure out what things matter the most to you and your sweet groom?

  • Say yes to the dress: I know you have seen the show or at least heard of it. Picking the dress is the funnest part of your wedding, but the price tag may not be! Look in your local town for consignment shops and call them up and ask when they get alot of wedding dresses in and if they sell them. Look in your local papers and you can find a thing called a “Trunk Show” which is very common these days. What it is, is a place that is offering designer gown for half the price or even more! I know right! How can you pass that up? Some designers do their own shows. I wish I would have done one for my wedding. Davids Bridal usually has a 99 dollar dress sale every winter in late Dec early Jan. Theres deals out there girls, you just need to look. Dont forget about places like Goodwill or Salvation Army or Gabriel Brothers. I knew someone that found a dress at Gabe’s for 99 dollars when she found the same thing at a designer store for a marked up price! She returned the designer gown and bought her wedding dress at Gabe’s! It can happen!!
  • Weekday Wedding: Okay, so in looking for venues and photographers, which are the biggest vendors for weddings. A lot of them get booked fast and some people switch their wedding date around to have that particular fabulous vendor! Well, when talking about budget, having a wedding during the week say a Wednesday or Friday can help a budget! A lot of times a wedding is cheaper

    to do an evening wedding during the week. Vendors can be more flexible and have cheaper rates!

  • Flowers and Cake: We all want real flowers at your wedding but having silk flowers can look just as beautiful and not hurt your wallet! You have the option to maybe make all the bouqets real and the display flowers for the center pieces and decorations be silk flowers. This can help or hurt your budget quickly! One simple way to have a cheap cake is have a “fake” cake for display and have a sheet cake to serve to guests. No one will know and it will taste the same! Check out these great places in Pittsburgh for your cake, i dont know about price for these.. but the taste is awesome.
  • Hair and Makeup: Girls are the best at hair right, why not have your girlfriends, or your mother in law or your favorite aunt? They always look good any way and have been doing it longer than you. This will save a ton of money by having someone you know do your hair and make up. I had my maid of honor do my make up and my hair was done by a salon that has done my hair since grade school! My favorite stylist Suzie did a great job!
Wedding Hair and Make up

Wedding Day

Think hard about what you really want and spend some money on those things, and save the rest of your budget for the things that are more necessary. Happy Wedding Planning! Until next time, Adios!


Mercedes Denham A recovering registered nurse, She is a manager for the Pittsburgh Photo booth. We love weddings and parties of all kinds

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