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Finished bookmarks - TADA!



Bookmarks are a small canvas for expressing yourself. Typically only a few square inches, there’s still plenty of room for information and illustration.

And they can be super handy for Save the Date that’ll remind every time someone opens their book; using as a program marker in a hymnal at just the right song for your ceremony; using as favors and/or place setting markers.

Also, they make the PERFECT addition to literary/book-themed weddings. Where are my book nerds!?

Whether you’re saving the page or saving the date, a bookmark is a simple but effective DIY project you can tackle, and here’s how to make your own… complete with tassel.

Materials and Tools





Materials for bookmarks


Bookmark Procedure

Step 1: Measure and cut out your bookmark’s rectangle (or other zanier shape).


Step 1: Measure and cut out your bookmark’s rectangle (or other zanier shape).

Cut into rectangles

Step 2: Use corner punch to round corners.

Round the corners

Step 3: Decorate with markers, stamps, stickers, etc.

Step 4: Use hole punch to add hole for tassel.

Hole punch for tassels

Tassel Procedure

Step 1: Take the wrappers off embroidery floss. Unwind four full rounds and cut into eight pieces (each piece will be one length of the skein of floss.

Unwrap embroidery<br /><br /> floss

Step 2: Thread a piece through one end of the embroidery floss. Tie off a loop. Trim down to the knot.

Tie a loop

Step 3: Wrap a second piece of floss tightly around the head of the tassel and tie off tightly. Trim close to knot.

Wrap the head

Step 4: Repeat on other end of floss, then pinch in centers and repeat again.

Making tassels

Step 5: Cut floss midway between each head loop. You may have to trim ends and fluff tassels.

Finished tassels

Step 6: Attach tassels to bookmarks with loops.

Adding tassel to bookmark


You can use any kind of cardstock or stiffer paper for this project. Paint chips, cereal boxes, photo paper, old calendars, or your favorite scrapbook paper.

You can run paper through a printer, make a stamp to help you keep everything uniform, or freehand your designs giving everyone something a bit different and quirky.

If you’re having trouble visualizing the steps for the tassel, try this all-in-one explanation in blue:

Detailed 5 steps for making tassel

Your Turn!

Okay bookish brides: How would you use your own custom bookmarks in your wedding?


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