We love image spectrum!

The Pittsburgh photo booth is the new kid on the block .

New Kids on the Block , boy band

New Kids On the Block


When it came time to find a printer and a supplier of media its was not a straight line.  The choice’s before us are endless, truly thanks WWW.

When we first started the search we found super ridiculous prices form Japan only to realize that it was a bait and switch.   Some Germany company where the guys name was Jim , more like gimhagab  little lost in translation

We had the runaround form a number of compaines.

We found a printer at a resonable price but the customer service was just a mess ,

When we found imaging spectrum it was a breath of fresh air. Ever question answered and support in ways I did not expect. We had a printer we got some where else (first booth)  and Steve the rep for us said if you have a problem call us.

I mean its not even the printer they sold us , but we will help you fix it? Who does that?

They had some great in site into the business of  Photo Booth Rental. Always available for questions and setting everything up.

When we found

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Cute Wedding Favors!

I stumbled across this fantastic DIY project from Coupon Clipping Cook that would make for a wonderful (and budget-friendly) idea for edible wedding favors. Marshmallows have always been a favorite of mine but these lovelies have definitely been taken to the next level. A perfect starter project for you DIY newbies!

marshmallow wedding 13
marshmallow wedding 1
marshmallow wedding 2
marshmallow wedding 3
marshmallow wedding 4
marshmallow wedding 5
marshmallow wedding 6
marshmallow wedding 7
marshmallow wedding 8
marshmallow wedding 9
marshmallow wedding 10
marshmallow wedding 11
marshmallow wedding 12
marshmallow wedding 14

Aren’t they divine! If you’re thinking about making these beauties for your own wedding favors, click here to see the entire recipe.
Bon Appétit!

Read more: http://www.austinweddingblog.com/2011/08/marshmallow-diy-wedding-favors.html#ixzz28ZoIPt4o

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We Love David Cavanaugh Bride Show!

How exciting your engaged!!!


We had the white photo booth at the bridal show you just went to, We just uploaded the pictures to Facebook and You had fun. There is a lot of decisions you will be making in the next few months, having  a photo booth for your wedding is an easy decision to make. Your guests will have fun and its memorable for everyone especially you!


Our rates begin at 700 and go to 1560. The difference? It depends on how long we are there and what options you want. We offer a scrapbook that will match the color and theme of your big day. You will have it by the end of the night which is very popular. Props Props Props Props The Pittsburgh Photo Booth staff is always coming up with new, fun, and sophisticated props with the booth. CD of all the images, all the photos uploaded to  Facebook to share with everyone, it all up to you.


The decision to have a photo booth at your wedding is the easy part.


  • Would you like a scrapbook of photos personal messages signed by every guest?  YES
  • Would you like to have that fun reception with everyone up (chairs empty)?    YES
  • Do you want people to talk about how much fun they had at your wedding?  YES



We love weddings and we feel honored to be a part of your day. Call us up tell us your story, so that we can create the wedding day that is totally you. This is the number 412-277-5050



In the meantime, you can find out the 8 Questions You Must Ask a Wedding Vendor Before Booking here.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

Mercedes Denham

The Pittsburgh Photobooth





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What is your number one responsibility towards guests as they arrive? To make sure that their experience is stress free and filled with fun. From the moment they touchdown at the airport, they become your responsibility. And guess what? They will look towards you to provide them direction on where to go and what to do.

Today, we are going to go over the things you need to do to ensure that your guests are comfortable when they arrive at your destination.

1. Arrange for airport transportation
Remember that most of your destinations wedding guests have traveled a long distance to get there so it would seem rude to let them fend for themselves once they arrive.

Ideally, you want to have someone from the bridal party or the family greeting guests at the airport. This person should know most of the guests and should have a welcoming personality. They should be someone that your guests would be glad to meet. In many cases, brides will have an immediate family member (brother, father etc.) take care of this responsibility.

As wedding guests arrive at the airport, they can coordinate shuttle runs, help with luggage and make arriving guests feel welcome.

As for transportation, make sure to arrange for either the hotel shuttle to pickup guests or rent a van. Doing so will alleviate any stress that wedding guests may have about getting lost if they rent a car or getting ripped off if they use a cab.

2. Arrange for express check in at hotel
The last thing you want guests to do is to have to stand in line at the hotel to check in. An easy way to avoid this is to ask the hotel to provide express check in to your wedding group.
— How can you set this up?
When you are reserving your room block, ensure that your hotel sales manager can guarantee express check in for the group. Let them know that this is very important to you and that you really need guests to be able to bypass any long check in lines.
— How does it work?
As soon as your guest arrives, inform the front desk so they can provide a registration card to sign. Once signed, they will hand over a room key, with nothing else needed. The process should not take longer than thirty seconds. Note that you will need someone near the front desk that knows all the guests and can help make the process smoother.

3. Welcome bags for wedding guests
As part of the check in process, hand out a welcome wedding gift bag. This should contain some of the following:
– An itinerary or agenda of the destination wedding weekend with all events, timings, dress code, and directions
– A welcome letter from the bride and groom thanking guests for making the trip
– Contact information should they need to speak to someone on the bridal party
– An area map
– A list of things to do in the area, along with any coupons to nearby restaurants and activities
– List of local restaurants that deliver. Make sure to include distance, and telephone number
– Snacks and bottled water
– A themed gift or item that is reflective of the destination itself.
  {ex: if you’re getting married on the beach, then provide sunscreen and a pair of flip flops}

4. Wedding get together
Host a small get together on the night that most of you wedding guests arrive. Most couples will ask guests to meet them at the hotel or resort pool at a certain time. This way, the couple getting married can say hello to all their guests in one place rather than having to visit each one individually.

In addition, the welcome get together also provides guests a chance to mingle, catch up, and get to know new faces.

By arranging for transportation, putting together welcome bags, and setting up a welcome party, you will have accomplished your task of ensuring that guests are comfortable and having fun. Moreover, you will have set the right tone for the rest of the destination wedding.

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Say Yes To The Ring:Engagement Ring Choices


Say yes to the ring! Okay girls, I know some of you have dreamed of the day that wonderful day when the man of your dreams gets down on one knee and proposes! Most women give their men little hints along the way and the man will figure it out and finally decide on getting a custom engagement ring. Men do listen, sometimes! There is a lot to think about when picking out an engagement ring.

  • What type of metal do you like? What do you wear most of the time? What will go with everything?
  • What cut of diamond do you like?
  • What size diamond?
  • Would you want something else other than a diamond, maybe a ruby or sapphire?


Engagement ring metal choices: Check out what the knot says about the different metals you have to choose from. Lets talk about diamonds. You have to find that perfect diamond in the rough.

The most important factors in choosing a diamond stone is deciding on the shape that perfectly matches your style and looks beautiful on you. Your style may guide you to more traditional shapes such as the classic Round, Emerald or Asscher cuts or fancy shapes such as the Marquise, Heart or Pear.

Diamond Shapes

The classic and most popular shape is the Round Brilliant-cut diamond. Its 57 facets bring out the most brilliance, fire and sparkle of all the shapes.

If you’re looking for more contemporary style, consider the Princess-cut, the second most popular shape. Princess cut diamonds are square or slightly rectangular in shape with pointed corners and an array of intricate facets that increase the diamond’s inherent sparkle.

For a timeless, elegant look, consider the Emerald-cut diamond with its long, lean lines. The rectangular cut, which has a relatively larger open table (top, flat surface) and fewer facets, highlights the clarity of the diamond more than any other shape.

The striking Asscher-cut, often described as a square emerald, evokes an art deco feel from the 1920s and ‘30s. Created at the turn of the 20th century, this shape is now experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

The Radiant-cut is relatively scarce and appeals to those seeking a unique look. This cut combines the geometrical lines of the emerald shape with the sparkling brilliance of the round cut. Its trimmed corners are the signature characteristic of this shape.

As with Asscher-cut diamonds, the Cushion-cut has been popular for more than a century. With a soft and romantic look, the Cushion-cut (or “pillow-cut” as it is often referred to as) has rounded corners and larger facets to increase the stone’s brilliance.

The Marquise shaped diamond delivers drama with its brilliant cut and tapered points at two ends. This diamond, when worn as a ring, creates an elongated, slender look. Cleverly, it also maximizes carat weight, giving the appearance of a larger diamond than a round diamond of the same carat weight.

The Pear shaped diamond resembles a glistening teardrop that combines the soft, rounded end of an Oval shape with the sharp, tapered point of a Marquise-cut. An interesting choice for the multi-faceted personality.

Oval shaped diamonds appeal to those who like their classics with a little edge. Similarly to a classic round diamond, oval diamonds deliver a beautiful brilliance. The elongated shape adds an interesting twist to rings and accentuates the hand to create a slender look.

The fancy-shaped Heart diamond is for the confident woman who is all heart. While sometimes selected for engagement rings, it makes a beautiful choice for pendants in fancy colors such as yellow, pink or red.


So what will you choose?

diamond on all fingers

which will you choose?

Here are some different diamond rings to ponder about.



red ruby ring

topaz and sapphire ring

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Shot Gun wedding must haves Bang Bang Bang

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q and a

Who: We Love Photobooths
Duo: Guy & Gordon
Where to Find Them:welovephotobooths.com
Why We Think They’re Cool: Uh, how could they not be??
Interview by: José

OK, we at The Foundry are a little obsessed with photo booths! The girls and me have a fair share of pics sprawled all over our desks and are always there to put smiles on our faces in the middle of a busy work day in the office. Hands down, one of our favorites is We Love Photobooths! Simply put – they just get it! Always great to work with, got killer backgrounds, but most importantly TONS of fun! I thought it was time to interview Gordon & Guy to see what’s going on with this latest craze and why it’s a must-have at your event…

Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 1.40.47 PM

Foundry: So I guess the first obvious question would be, “How did you start We Love Photobooths?”
Gordon:  Way back in the last millennium (1999, really…) the boyfriend/girlfriend duo of Ben Fraser and Laura Miller started the wedding-photography company Weddings By Two. Life was good, photography was good, love was good! Good enough to get married themselves. In 2004, they set up an 8×10-inch Polaroid camera at their close friends’ wedding and cranked out about 100 8″x10″ Polaroids (for those who don’t know, that is a lot!). Little did they know that this would be the beginning of a new adventure into the world of photo booth happiness—and the creation of We Love Photobooths.

Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 1.40.28 PM

F: Why do you think photo booths have come back in style?
G: While a lot has changed since the early days of photobooths — we believe that candid photographs and luscious prints never went out of style. Advances in digital imaging have made the photobooth experience not only portable, but also able capable of producing larger volumes of work.  But one thing hasn’t changed: guests will love receiving tangible mementos to recount an evening of celebration and fun.

Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 1.42.02 PM

F:Tell me more about We Love PhotoBooth and its services. I know you guys provide books and stuff, right?
G: Yes! We include a lot in our $1400 rate. The book is a really nice 7×7 inch book that contains all the images from the event and when we say all, we mean all, the good bad and partially clad! We also include unlimited prints at the event, an online gallery where all the photos are free to download and a CD that contains all the hi-res photos.

F:  What’s the craziest pic you’ve seen come out of that machine?
G: Our lawyer advised us against answering this question 🙂

F:  Do you ever jump in yourself just for kicks?
G:  Of course! The photobooth is contagious — it’s tough for our technicians to not join in on the fun, from time to time!…

F: K, last question, if a nudist camp called you for hire, would you do it?
G: Let me think about this for a second… Yes!
GordonWLPB Guy
Guy & Gordon (above) We Love Photobooths Promo (below)

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What is Spent On a Wedding Vs What Is remembered By the Guests.

How your budget reflects the memories of your wedding





You Have just gotten engaged congrates , now its time to plan a wonderful day for you and yours. What will be rememebered , what will be the best investment fro this wedding day perfectnesss. Who will remember we remebrr the venue , i mean its falling waters , thanks frank Lloyd wright

Or will it be the photo booth pictures pomn facebook of my anut with a feather bowa and a air guatair blowing kisses.

What you spend on your wedding is hard but its also a great exspresion of whats impoortant to you . a refelction of your poersonalities .

When we planned our wedding we had a few powerful voices telling us what we could do and

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what we couldnt do .



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Perfect Place for a Country Wedding Near the City

are you a bride that wants to be different? how about a relaxed, no frills kind of wedding? have you ever thought of having an outdoor wedding? Well let me tell you about

I was a bride myself about 5 years ago and there is not many reasonable priced, gorgeous places in Pittsburgh that can accommodate a large wedding. I wish Shady Elms of Hickory would have been open! This place is like a secret that you need to know about. It has everything you need. Shady Elms is a family affair that is run on a farm with gorgeous fields, wonderful people to work with and a beautiful place to

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get married!

Outdoor seating for dinner or cocktails, beautiful rustic barns to decorate for a more intimate setting.




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Designing Bond’s Look from Barbican Centre

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lit il.

on Vimeo.

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