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8 Questions You Must Ask for a reception venue

Question #1: What comes with my rental fee or my food and beverage package?
If you are having your wedding reception at a hotel or restaurant, you will most likely have tables, chairs and linens included in your fees. However, if you decide to have your reception in a park, garden or a facility you should make sure you are not going to have to rent additional items. Will the cookie table be extra?

Question #2: Does the caterer include equipment or do you have to rent it?
Most of the caterers I have worked with include all of the stoves, grills, service ware, etc., however, on a wedding earlier this year,the caterer informed me my client would need to provide everything from the linens to the charcoal for the grills. That was a huge additional expense and a great deal of additional work.

Question #3: How do you charge for service people?
Some wedding venues charge a percentage of the overall fee and others have a separate service fee. Make sure you figure this amount in when planning your budget. Either way, the amount could be significant.

Question #4: Do you have any additional fees?
Some venues and caterers will charge you a cake cutting fee if you do not purchase through them. While cake cutting fees can seem like an unnecessary expense, over the years I realize that most wedding venues when they charge those fees, they decorate the plates or add additional accompaniments to the cake (think chocolate covered strawberries!).

Question #5: How many hours do I have the facility and personnel.
If you like to dance the night away, make sure you are not in a location that will require you to leave at a certain time. For example, if you choose to rent out a night club on a Saturday evening, most likely they will want your group out by 10:00 p.m. so they can open their doors to the public. Most wedding venues will allow you to stay if you pay a room rental fee, or simply keep the bar open.

Question #6: Do you have decorations I can use?
Some locations have items in-house like plants, latticework, votive candles and even centerpieces that you can use. That can be a huge money-saver.

Question #7: What other events are taking place at the location and how do you have it scheduled?
Most larger wedding venues will have multiple events in one evening, especially if your reception is at a prime time on a Saturday night.The key is to find out how these other events are scheduled compared to yours.It is best not to have both parties starting at the same time as guest arrival can become confusing. The best option is to have the cocktail hours scheduled an hour apart—that way the guests from one party will already be in at dinner when the other guests arrive.

Question #8: Is there plenty of on-site parking and is there a fee?
If you are using an alternative wedding venue, there may not be sufficient parking. You may have to ask your caterer to arrange for valets for you. This creates an additional expense, but the flow of your event will be much smoother than if people have to struggle to park. Another option is to find a convenient parking lot and ask if you can use it for your wedding reception. You would then have to provide shuttles back and forth to the reception. If your wedding is taking place at a hotel or restaurant, there should be plenty of parking, but there may be a fee. If you pay for all of your guests, you may be able to negotiate a discount.

Asking these eight questions before booking your wedding reception venue is sure to help you find a space that suites your style.

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why rent a photo booth

There are particular celebratory events which require more than just simply a gathering of a few friends, some food, and music playing on a stereo. Modern parties, weddings, quinceaneras, and other parties can be so important that they require a bit more than just the bare necessities to be celebrated properly. There are many ways to spice up a party or celebration to make it that much more unique such as through live music, renting a space to have the party, and making a theme for the party. More and more people across the world are also realizing that photography is an important element of a great celebration or party. While some parties and weddings will hire a photographer to take high quality snap shots during a celebratory event there is something about the idea of a photographer that seems so disconnected. The photographer wanders the party or wedding and takes shots of people as though they are not actually part of the event and they do typically do not add to the celebration, they only record it.

What a lot of party planners and people who are holding memorable celebrations are realizing is that they can rent and buy photo booth panels so that party-goers can choose how they want to remember their party or celebratory event. Photo booths are very favorable for parties and celebrations because it allows groups of friends and loved ones to all participate in a photograph which will capture their shared love for each other in real life as well as posed images. Photo booths and their related technology have evolved in recent years and are now very accessible and surprisingly inexpensive. They add flair and chic to any party or celebration and capture memories which can be cherished for years!

Learn more about ATL Photo Booth Rentals while planning your perfect party.

email or call us today!


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bookmark wedding

Finished bookmarks - TADA!



Bookmarks are a small canvas for expressing yourself. Typically only a few square inches, there’s still plenty of room for information and illustration.

And they can be super handy for Save the Date that’ll remind every time someone opens their book; using as a program marker in a hymnal at just the right song for your ceremony; using as favors and/or place setting markers.

Also, they make the PERFECT addition to literary/book-themed weddings. Where are my book nerds!?

Whether you’re saving the page or saving the date, a bookmark is a simple but effective DIY project you can tackle, and here’s how to make your own… complete with tassel.

Materials and Tools





Materials for bookmarks


Bookmark Procedure

Step 1: Measure and cut out your bookmark’s rectangle (or other zanier shape).


Step 1: Measure and cut out your bookmark’s rectangle (or other zanier shape).

Cut into rectangles

Step 2: Use corner punch to round corners.

Round the corners

Step 3: Decorate with markers, stamps, stickers, etc.

Step 4: Use hole punch to add hole for tassel.

Hole punch for tassels

Tassel Procedure

Step 1: Take the wrappers off embroidery floss. Unwind four full rounds and cut into eight pieces (each piece will be one length of the skein of floss.

Unwrap embroidery<br /><br /> floss

Step 2: Thread a piece through one end of the embroidery floss. Tie off a loop. Trim down to the knot.

Tie a loop

Step 3: Wrap a second piece of floss tightly around the head of the tassel and tie off tightly. Trim close to knot.

Wrap the head

Step 4: Repeat on other end of floss, then pinch in centers and repeat again.

Making tassels

Step 5: Cut floss midway between each head loop. You may have to trim ends and fluff tassels.

Finished tassels

Step 6: Attach tassels to bookmarks with loops.

Adding tassel to bookmark


You can use any kind of cardstock or stiffer paper for this project. Paint chips, cereal boxes, photo paper, old calendars, or your favorite scrapbook paper.

You can run paper through a printer, make a stamp to help you keep everything uniform, or freehand your designs giving everyone something a bit different and quirky.

If you’re having trouble visualizing the steps for the tassel, try this all-in-one explanation in blue:

Detailed 5 steps for making tassel

Your Turn!

Okay bookish brides: How would you use your own custom bookmarks in your wedding?


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Wedding reception secrets

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blue ribbon on white chairs

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What make a reception great.


The First dance 


This will set the stage for the rest of the night ,  some easy ways to make it great , practice , practice ,practice.  Pick a good song , there are a ton of lists out there listen to the lyrics . Hire a professional t show you the ropes. Don’t stop dancing , if something go arise start over or just keep dancing. My husband and I took lessons he was nervous the every time we dance then the wedding day and cool as a cucumber in Canada. And this is the most important lesson secret, its your day really is your day have fun smile this day is all for you.
Give Out Party Favors
 Why give a favor ? First its a token of appreciation for attending this day, and this is where you can have a lot of fun and be just as creative as you want to be . Favors are not about how much money you spent , giving is its own reward. You can find a favor in almost anything you do or want. Some think my favor is just going to be thrown away . With that in mind, what would your guests not throw away? A photo strip from a photo booth makes a great favor ( we do own a photo booth for rent  so a little biased  but that doesn’t mean we are wrong. )Food , candy can be monogrammed even m&ms.  One wedding had small catapults for the men and women a small box of chocolate. Its all about you , what would you like a s a favor.
Tell Your Guests About an End-of-the-Night Treat
  This is a stop gap , nothing worse then guests leaving early , I mean they ate the food ,drank a beer , seen a dance and leave. Its your day dammit stay , but give them a reason to stay. Why not have something at the end of the night treat . Lighting sparklers as you get in the car to go to the hotel , A redbull station cart comes rolling out. About a thousand candles lighting a path to your car and if they didn’t stay they would have missed it .  Some great midnight snacks espresso rice crispy treats. A Starbuck Batista making their favorite drinks , tall half-skinny half-1 percent extra hot split quad shot (two shots decaf, two shots regular) latte with whip. or just a coffe. Do something at the end of the night and tell your guests and they will stay till the end.
Change Into Something Comfortable
Okay so you tried on about 100 dresses and found the one, but can you dance in it like you stole it , have a second dress to dance in . I mean why just do one dress its your day and the second dress can be a bit discounted. Have some real fun and play dress up all day. Tell your bridesmaids too .
Lighting   ( and candles work nice)
Let me say that lighting can cost a lot and can cost almost nothing, its really what your looking for. Lighting can enhance the mood create an atmosphere that would be hard to do without it. Lighting can be candies lighting the path ,Your colors washed on a wall or the simple flicker of a candle can make the reception go from good to great. ” I want that at my wedding.” is what you will hear
 Its Your wedding Day 
What you can do to make your wedding reception great is in the details small subtle changes big enormous shifts in direction for your day .Its your day so cry if you want to . Remember to have as much fun as you can.  I hope thses tips will help and show you have the wedding of your dreams.
We rent Photo Booths
Ask for Mercedes




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bridal shoe email template… needs changed

Hello there!

It was so nice seeing you at our booth this past weekend! I hope you got all the info you needed to plan your wedding!

The Pittsburgh Photobooth is still honoring the 10% discount off of any package you choose! Get it now while its still hot!!

Our packages include everything: your scrapbook, your huge box props, a personalized photo strip to match your day, double prints, everyone will get a photo strip, a CD of all the pictures and inside the booth you are able to change the filter to B&W and many others.

I have attached a picture of our booth at the bridal show so you know who we are.

When is your wedding date? Are you interested in a photo booth for the wedding?


Mercedes Denham
The Pittsburgh Photobooth
412.403.7600 personal cell

open photo booth, white booth, white photo booth, pittsburgh photo booth The Pittsburgh Photobooth @ Cavanaugh Bridal Show 2014

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The Pittsburgh Photo Booth


We will get back to you very soon.


The Pittsburgh Photo Booth


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Hot Wedding Secrets for your Pittsburgh Wedding

If you want to be in the know you have come to the right place. The Pittsburgh Photobooth has been in a business just a few short years but we have seen some gorgeous venues, spoke to the best DJs and have seen the wedding planners at work. We have compiled a fantastic list for you to take with you on your wonderful journey.

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Wedding Dress

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School Events Need a Photo Booth

We love school events, our photo booth is a big hit with every grade level from a fifth grade graduation to Spanish night. Kids love the booth and when mom and dad see the photo booth strips they just light up!

We love Proms and school dances as well! A photo booth is a great memory at your dance. The photo strip will be on your fridge for weeks and then later in your homemade scrapbook of memories past. What a wonderful way to remember the day. We have fun props as well so you can be as goofy or serious as you want. We have special pricing available for school events, dances and fundraisers! Click Here To Call 412 277 5050  Ask for Mercedes.   Get package pricing here!!!  Ask about our special discounts to schools.

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Women say Sparklers , Men say (FIRE) Pyrotechnics

I have a photographer friend who simply loves to do over the top with his photography. The one way he does is with sparklers ( not exactly the ones you used as a kid a little bigger )  A wedding is a special day you want to remember  celebrate and have no regrets not wish you did anything more or less.  When you find something you like do it for your wedding. I think the images below are just amazing they really say so much.





With a send off with sparklers its something to remember .


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