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7 Bizarre Ways A Winter Wedding Can Kill You Suddenly

Having a winter wedding can be romantic, beautiful and cold, right? With these 7 bizarre ways explained you can decide if you really want to have a winter wedding!

1. Burr, Burr, Burr: The weather! The weather is so unpredictable, especially here in Pittsburgh! One winter can be so mild to where you dont even need a coat and the next year its a snow storm everyday. You can never really tell. I would suggest to have your winter wedding indoors for sure!

Pittsburgh skyline with snow on the ground

Pittsburgh in the Winter!


2. Boots: Some brides don’t like to wear boots under the dress, but this is a new trend happening! This will also keep your toesies warm! Shoe Hungry here offers some of the best customisable boots.

wedding dress bride and bridemaids with cowboy boots

Be sexy and comfy with these boots!

3. That white stuff: SNOW! You may have some guests that hate the white stuff and do not want to drive in it and thats why they moved away. It may take your vendors longer to get to your ceremony and reception due to weather. Pittsburgh roads.

pittsburgh roberto clemente bridge covered in snow

Snow bridges in the Burgh!

4. Shelter or Storm?: Okay, during the winter months especially near Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years the prices for hotels and B&B’s may go up, making your guests have to pay more for travel expenses.

5. Light, Camera, Action!: Light is a big player in beautiful pictures! It gets darker earlier in the winter months and it may be a little tough to get a lot of outdoor pictures due to light! This may be a con for your wedding photographers.

6. Flowers: If you are the bride that wants to have real flowers instead of silk then you will want to pick fall or summer. Winter is hard to get all kinds of flowers due to the snow. Silk is always in season though!

7.This is your day. If you want a Winter Wonderland for your Wedding, then go for it! Don’t let anyone stop you! There is hang ups in all seasons and prices vary for all of them. If you are having a winter wedding, go enjoy it and just have back up plans if things go wrong.


Mercedes Denham A recovering registered nurse, She is a manager for the Pittsburgh Photo booth. We love weddings and parties of all kinds

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