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5 things you should do on your wedding day, besides get married!

wedding day ideas

make a fight box on your wedding day

Brides to be I have some really cool things you can do ON your Wedding Day to make it even more special and unique.

All of these, I wish I would of done honestly! I didn’t use pinterest for my wedding, I did not know it existed.

So now that you have Pinterest you can do and want so much for your wedding.

Don’t you want to have an awesome wedding? Then keep reading….

Fight Box- Okay this idea is so adorable I wish I had done it! Pick a day that you and your fiance sit down and write a letter to each other why you love each other and why you fell in love. It can be as short or as long as you want it. Place a bottle of your favorite wine in there too. You can incorporate this into the wedding ceremony or reception. You both get a nail and hammer it closed. So when you get into your first fight or your marriage hits a rough spot you can open it, go to separate rooms with your wine and letter and remember why you both got married and why you love each other. This will help you keep going, although if the fight is for a serious reason and things end up breaking up for good,  the use of a divorce attorney would certainly be necessary so going to sites as could actually help with this.

Picture before you say I do- Here is another one that I totally love and swoon over! Before you go down the aisle get the photographer to have you hold hands in a door way without you both seeing each other. This will build anticipation and its a really cute memory for you both.

Take out your phone, Google some rental party buses or just learn more about Stl Road Pony and then venture onto the mall, walmart or a public place- This is seriously a cool thing. This may also get on the news or in the paper. After your wedding is completed and you partied hard… go to a public place. IN YOUR WEDDING DRESS AND TUX! Yes. You gotta do it! You can pick a place where you both always go, or simply to the mall (depending on the time of night), or Walmart with tons of people! You can go in, pick up some condoms,sparkling wine or even some KY to embarrass the cashier! (Who cares you are married now!) You will end up on so many peoples cell phones or instagrams!

Give your sweetheart a letter- When you are getting your hair done for the wedding, or hair cut gentlemen, think of your other half. Get a rose or a gift for the other one and write a letter to them. Give it to someone that can give it to them before the wedding ceremony. This will bless their heart, and they will never forget!

Throw sprinkles- Do you want to have beautiful pictures? Especially when you are walking down the aisle after they announced you or when you walk out those church doors? Here this one is for you! Give your guests bags of colorful sprinkles instead of the boring old white rice.

Now don’t you just love these 5 ideas? I do!! Now go and GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!


Mercedes Denham A recovering registered nurse, She is a manager for the Pittsburgh Photo booth. We love weddings and parties of all kinds

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