5 insane but true things about wedding place cards

This is the part I love about weddings, decorating! Having place cards on your guests table is necessary.



1. First it lets them know where their designated seats are and this gives you a chance to be creative and let your imagination flow. I have seen so many different kinds.

You could have your guests grab their place cards as they come in your reception venue which is usually tradition, a very cute idea that I wish I could have used at my wedding was an old ladder that had yarn draped on the legs and the cards were attached to the string with wooden clothes pins! Such a simple way to do it!

something like this..

something like this..


Your place cards could simply be a white card with their name printed or written on it or you could make it more unique by matching it to your decor and colors! Pinterest has a ton of great ideas! If you want to use a white place card you can place the card in the wine glass or a piece of wood.

DIY wedding place cards

Here is a different way to display your cards

2. Place cards should not take up a huge part of the table, you want your guests to have enough room to eat, drink and be merry at your wedding!

3. What you write on them can say so much, you can be formal or causal. “Mr. William Ruble, Will Ruble, Will or even Billy” It depends on how informal your wedding will be. You can use star fish or fishing bouys to show your guests where your honeymoon will take place. You can place it on a plane ticket or a card that is in the wine glass. The options are endless.

4. The insane truth is that you and your bridal party will be placing this the day before your wedding, so you want to make it simple to put together as well.

5. This is your day and honestly you can do whatever you want with these cards of yours.


Check out our Wedding Place Cards board on Pinterest!


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