4 ways pittsburgh photobooth can be used as a weapon

The Pittsburgh Photo Booth is a event rental company that rents out photo booths to people of all kinds. It could be for a wedding, a fundraiser, a birthday party maybe your 21st, graduation, Marti Gras you name it!


There are many things that happen in a photo booth that you may not be aware of! Some are not PG rated! In a matter of fact there are actually 4 ways the pittsburgh photo booth can be used as a weapon!

  • So your a little intoxicated and your in the booth enjoying the night. You start to snap some pictures and your best friends girlfriend that is now a fiance is actually your ex girlfriend jumps in a swaps spit with you on camera. Now, we can delete it for you, but we may not know the back story. You are a little too drunk to know exactly what happened but we do! A picture doesn’t lie! You ex-girlfriend gets a hold of this picture and shows you days after your day being the best man and wants to blackmail you. This would be the first weapon!
  • One simpler situation is you reserved this photo booth with a stolen credit card, opps! No one has to know, right?
  • You are still in high school say and this photo booth happens to be at a Justin Beiber concert that your mother said you cant go to! You are grounded from 2 months for something you dont want to disclose. You sneak out of your room that night while the house is sleeping, you and your BFF go to the concert, get in the photo booth and have some fun! To be cool you dont tell your BFF your grounded so she doesn’t know and posted the photo strip to FACEBOOK!!!! You mom sees it…. and you know the rest!
  • Lets just say its Halloween now and the photo booth makes its appearance at a awesome downtown party. The props are sitting on the table, fake swords, fake knives, hats, funny sunglasses, cigars etc. A past ex-friend puts a real knife in the pile of props and you use it to take some pictures. With all the fun everyone is excited and running in and out of the booth and you get cut by the knife. Another oppsie weapon.

We are having fun!

Now this is all in fun. You never know what can happen in a photo booth now huh?


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