30 awesome wedding cakes

Few things are more important on a wedding day (apart from both partners turning up; the ring being secure; and nobody objecting during the ceremony) than the wedding cake. Very few weddings are without such a centrepiece. It’s just a shame that so many couples opt for the same traditional, boring designs when there is so much opportunity to impress and surprise the guests.

Here are 30 brilliant wedding cake examples, to be used as inspiration for your own big day.

Action Hero Wedding Cake
Above: A wedding cake fit for an action hero.

Video Games Wedding Cake
Above: An illustration of things to come? Hopefully not.
Honest Wedding Cake
Above: There’s nothing like brutal honesty wrapped in a Portal nod to begin a marriage.
Zombies Wedding Cake
Above: A Wedding cake massacre.
Vain Wedding Cake
Above: A show of vanity so incredible as to be impressive. Man what is he in for?
Geeky Wedding Cake
Above: A wedding cake fit for geeks. Can not compute code error 3233.
Alien Wedding Cake
Above: The most unappetising wedding cake I’ve ever wanted. I want to see them eat the little alien heads.
Van Gogh Wedding Cake
Above: A work of baked art. art is meant to transform us and give us perspective .
Stargate Wedding Cake
Above: For Stargate fans only. where is telk and no goulds , this seems to be a compromised cake. dam mother inlaw rasin frashin iee dskjs sdsjfds #@$#$5 I love this cake
Futurama Wedding Cake
Above: Good news everyone! are they gay or just ?
Lego Wedding Cake
Above: A cake for the Lego lovers amongst us.
Binary Wedding Cake
Above: Binary deliciousness.
Steampunk Wedding Cake
Above: Nothing is safe from Steampunk. Not even cakes.
Futurama Crash Wedding Cake
Above: Not-so-good news everyone!
Chinese Wedding Cake
Above: Yes, that’s a cake. So let them eat sushi
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Mario Wedding Cake
Above: A Mario Kart cake so stunning, it would be painful to eat it. The controllers are missing .
Star Wars Wedding Cake
Above: Disgusting and incredible. “Can I have a piece of the tauntaun if i had a dime for every time i heard that , I would have n0 dimes “
Shuttle Wedding Cake
Above: One small step for man, one giant leap for man and wife…
Salvador Dali Wedding Cake
Above: A phenomenal Dali-inspired wedding cake. incredible
Back to the Future Wedding Cake
Above: The courthouse scene from Back to the Future, as a cake. 1.2 gigawatts Giga what
Joker Wedding Cake
Above: Joker’s Revenge.
Death Star Wedding Cake
Above: A wedding cake modelled on the Death Star. So romantic.
XKCD Wedding Cake
Above: The xkcd Cake.
Dungeons and Dragons Wedding Cake
Above: A Dungeons and Dragons wedding cake.
James Bond Wedding Cake
Above: A James Bond cake. Even the helicopter is edible.
Scrabble Wedding Cake
Above: An edible homage to Scrabble. Game night at their house has to be freaking awesome.
Apple iPhone Wedding Cake
Above: iDo. icake
XBOX Wedding Cake
Above: The true gamer’s wedding cake. really would have been sweet to see an old NES
Ghostbusters Wedding Cake
Above: I now pronounce you Ghostbusters.Love this
Gothic Wedding Cake
Above: The Gothic Wedding Cake.
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